The Madness of Basketball Coming to Tulsa


The city of Tulsa is preparing for the NCAA tournament in the upcoming days.  With teams from the Big XII coming to play their second and possibly third rounds here in Tulsa, the demand for hotel rooms has sky rocketed.

For Tulsa, we couldn’t have asked for a better group of schools to come play at the BOK Center.  Two Big XII schools (Number 1 seeded Kansas and 4th seed Texas), as well as two schools familiar with Tulsa (Memphis who is in the same conference as the University of Tulsa, and Oakland who is in the same conference as Oral Roberts).  Other schools coming to the BOK to play are UNLV and Illinois (if Illinois can win their first game they have a shot at playing their old coach, Bill Self, who is now with Kansas), there is Boston University playing Kansas, and Arizona who will be taking on Memphis.

Businesses are guaranteed to see an increase this week, from hotels to restaurants to shopping venues.  Now it’s time for Tulsa to shine in the spotlight that March Madness has brought.

Here are the 2nd Round Matchups for Friday at the BOK Center:

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