Oklahoma Comes in as Third Best State to Retire

The MoneyRates.com is ranking the best states for retirement.

MoneyRates.com ran a poll asking readers how important four major factors–economic indicators, climate, life expectancy and crime rates–should be in the retirement location decision. The results of that poll formed the basis for this year’s rankings.

Based on reader responses, economics determined 47 percent of a state’s final score, climate accounted for 33 percent, life expectancy determined 12 percent and crime accounted for 8 percent.

No. 3: Oklahoma

Why it’s in the top 10: By knocking the cover off the ball in economic factors, Oklahoma was able to overcome poor performance in the areas of life expectancy and crime.

Economic factors: Oklahoma got the best overall score for economics, because its cost of living, unemployment and tax burdens are all among the 10 lowest in the nation.

Climate: Oklahoma’s score for climate was not spectacular but well above average.

Life expectancy: Oklahoma’s life expectancy of 75.2 years is in the bottom 10.

Crime: Oklahoma scored well below average in this category, because of high violent and property crime rates.

Article by Richard Barrington of Money Rates, Click Here to view the entire list of states to retire.

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