Are the Holidays a Good Time to Sell?


A recent online survey was conducted about selling a home during the holiday season. The data revealed some interesting results.

Picture provided by The Aerie Bed and Breakfast

The majority of Realtors surveyed (60%) always advise a seller to list their home during the holidays because they believe it is a good time to sell.

When it comes to selling during the holidays, there are definitely some advantages.  79% of real estate professionals surveyed believe more serious buyers are one of the biggest advantages of selling a home during the holiday season.  61% think less competition among properties is a plus, and 17% believe cold weather making homes look cozy is a benefit.

Selling during the holidays is not always a winter wonderland, there are some challenges. 63% of realtors surveyed shared keeping a home open house ready (clean and staged) was one of the biggest challenges of putting a home on the market during the holidays.  39% revealed winter weather conditions to be one of the hardest things. Another 39% think buyer vacation/celebration schedules are a difficulty.

Online listing photos are crucial when trying to sell over the holidays.  82% of realtors surveyed believe online listing photos are even more important for homes listed during the holidays.

Of the 82%, 53% attribute this importance to buyers attending less open houses because of busy holiday schedules. 51% believe photos are more critical because sellers offer less open houses during the holiday season.

Selling during the holidays has both advantages and disadvantages, but sellers with great online photos always have the upper hand.

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