McGraw Women Build & Tulsa Stand Down for Homeless Veterans

McGraw Women Build Volunteers for Tulsa Stand Down for Homeless Veterans Program

McGraw Women Build Volunteers for Tulsa Stand Down for Homeless Veterans Program

Saturday September 19th McGraw Women Build joined Volunteers of America for their “Tulsa Stand Down for Homeless Veterans” program held at the First Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa in an effort to bring hope for our heroes and to homeless civilians as well.

Joyce Weaver, coordinator of McGraw Women Build, organized the volunteers from McGraw. “”There’s something about helping others that humbles a person. We, at McGraw Women Build always find it a privilege in helping out our community. The Stand Down program was such an eye opener for us. These veterans served our country and somehow ended up on the streets of our city. Giving back to them and thanking each one of them for their service was a heartfelt experience which we will never forget.” says Weaver

Countless sleeping bags and pads, as well as shoes and clothing were handed out to those in need. Volunteers of America Oklahoma’s purpose is to respond to Oklahomans in need and to create opportunities for people to experience the joy of service others. VOAO reaches out to over 2,000 Oklahomans every month by providing affordable senior housing, residential support for individuals with intellectual disabilities and assisting individuals at the risk of homelessness.

Weaver shared a touching story from the day: “After handing out sleeping bags some of us had the privilege of being “personal shoppers” for them. One man in particular wanted dress clothes to wear to church. I was happy to find a nice suit coat, white shirt and slacks for him. No shoes were left to give out at that time but he was very thankful, and it made my heart happy.”

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