Daniel Looper Has Joined McGraw Realtors

Daniel Looper Is New to McGraw Realtors

Daniel Looper Is New to McGraw Realtors

Daniel Looper has joined McGraw Realtors. Daniel was born in Wichita Falls, TX, but grew up in Tulsa and graduated from Nathan Hale High School. He received his Bachelor of Science in Management from University of Phoenix as well as earning his Certificate of Achievement in Computer Information Systems Programming Options from TCC.

After serving in the USAF for 11 years, Daniel’s professional positions included Office Administration, IT, Senior IT Consultant and most recently Master Hair Stylist. Daniel and his wife of 31 years own the Capelli Salon, LLC. He obtained his Real Estate license in Oct. of this year.

While in the service, Daniel received decoration for outstanding service and dedication to the USAF during the first gulf war including the USAF Accommodation and the USAF Achievement Medals.

Daniel and his wife have lived in Owasso since 1994 where they raised their 3 children. He is an FCC Licensed Ham Radio Operator General Class and enjoys participating in local 2 meter check-ins with local clubs to practice emergency traffic communication in the event of an emergency.

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